Short video about Carbon Sponge (2018-2021).


Carbon Sponge produced a zine for our “Cooking with Cover” event on October 13, 2018, in conjunction with the Queens Night Market.


Brooke Singer delivers a paper “Thinking through Gaia, Anthropocene and Art” in a symposium organized by ARAS, discussing Carbon Sponge along with other art/sci projects. Transcript here.

Audio Tour

This is a short audio tour that explains the basic principles of Carbon Sponge. Visit the project through the eyes of Iggy, a 4th grader, who encounters two science museum Explainers, Cara and Sahery.



Symbiotic Art, Art in America, by Claire Pentecost, March, 2022.

The City’s Buried Treasure Isn’t Dirt. It is the Dirt, The New York Times, by Richard Schiffman, July 25, 2018.

How an Urban Gardening Experiment could help Curb Climate Change,, by Jenna Tipaldo, August 28, 2018.