Carbon Sponge Workshop at Oko Farms  

September 10, 2022

11:00 PM – 12:30 PM


hosted by Oko Farms, Brooklyn, NY  

Join us at Oko Farms along the waterfront in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for a mix of art, science and farming! During this hands-on workshop led by Brooke Singer, who initiated Carbon Sponge, participants will learn about urban carbon farming, cultivating with soil carbon in mind and monitoring with easy to use tools

During this workshop, we will take a look at the sorghum that Oko Farms is growing and discuss why this climate resilient and majestic beauty is a terrific partner for sinking carbon. Sorghum-based snacks and drinks will follow. All ages welcome!

LOCATION: 105 River St, Brooklyn NY (entrance is located on North 3rd and River St, right by the water).

The Carbon Sponge workshop is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council.

Reserve Tickets for Carbon Sponge Workshop @ Oko Farms from 11:00-12:30pm on September 10th (Rain date: 9/17). This is a free event but reservations are necessary.


Soil Fest at White Feather Farm  

July 23, 2022

1:30 PM – 4:00 PM


hosted by White Feather Farm, Saugerties, NY  

Join us at White Feather Farm in Saugerties, NY, for a mix of art, science and farming! During a hands-on workshop, learn about designing a Carbon Sponge, monitoring experimental plots and cultivating with soil carbon in mind. Enjoy a tasting of sorghum beer along with other alternative grain beers that are deliciously beneficial for soil and human palate alike! Afterwards, stay for an evening performance about soil by the celebrated mask-and-puppetry troupe Arm of the Sea (ticketed separately).

This season, White Feather Farm has launched the Carbon Sponge Hub. Carbon Sponge, initiated by artist Brooke Singer, builds experimental plots and develops reliable protocols for anyone to track the increase or decrease of carbon to improve soil health and help mitigate climate change. White Feather Farm in Saugerties, NY, and five other Catskill/Hudson Valley farms (Zena Farmstead, Mossy Stone Farm, Newton Farm, Nimble Roots Farm and Foxtrot Farm and Flowers) make up this year’s hub. Together we are tracking soil characteristics with the Carbon Sponge Kit, skillsharing regenerative agriculture practices and growing plants specifically for carbon farming, like sorghum!

Carbon Sponge Workshop and Alternative Grain Beer Tasting: 1:30-3pm workshop followed by beer tasting (advanced tickets are $20 / use code “CarbonSponge” for a 50% discount!)

Arm of the Sea Presents “DIRT (The Secret Life of Soil)”: 6:30pm (advanced tickets are $10)

First Saturdays at the Foodway with Carbon Sponge  

June 5, 2021

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM



hosted by Bronx River’s Foodway  

In the foodway, we will be demonstrating the Carbon Sponge kit and sharing what we have learned from the testing in the Foodway and throughout NYC

• Overview of urban carbon farming
• Introduction to the Carbon Sponge Kit
• Discussing data and designing experiments


Carbon Sponge Kit – Monitoring Soil Health 

June 23, 2020

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM


hosted by GreenThumb as an online webinar 

In this final of three workshops hosted by Greenthumb, participants will learn about carbon sequestration and how to monitor a garden for carbon over time. We will demonstrate our kit as well as discuss recording and analyzing data in the field.

• Overview of Carbon Sequestration & Regenerative Agriculture
• Introduce the Carbon Sponge Kit
• Recording & Analyzing the data

Free with GreenThumb RSVP

The Dirt (For Kids!): Soil Science @ Patagonia UWS Store

April 25, 2020

10:00 AM – 1:00 PM


Patagonia UWS
426 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 

Inviting all future scientists and farmers (or any other kids who want to have some fun) to the Patagonia Upper West Side shop on Saturday, April 25th for some soil science! We’ll have one of our friends from Carbon Sponge showing us the secrets of soil (namely, it’s superpower to hold onto carbon).

This demonstration will be interactive and we’ll have seeds for the kids to take home! We’ll also have some soil on hand, so please bring a small pot or recycled item (coffee tin, soda can, or peanut butter or jelly jar for example) to plant in.

We’ll have two demonstrations, one beginning at 11AM and one beginning at 12:30PM. Coffee will be served for caretakers and we’ll have juice and snacks for the kids.

The event will occur on the second floor of our store, which is accessible by elevator.

Carbon Sponge Guide: Book Launch at Patagonia

April 23, 2020

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Patagonia SoHo
72 Greene Street, New York, NY 

Patagonia’s store in Soho, NYC, hosts a book launch, panel and reception for Carbon Sponge this April. The Carbon Sponge team, along with others, will discuss urban carbon farming and our Carbon Sponge Guide will be on hand for sale. Come learn and celebrate with us!

Carbon Sponge Guide: How to Garden to Mitigate Climate Change

April 4, 2020

10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

GrowTogether Conference hosted by GreenThumb 
CUNY Graduate Center

Carbon Sponge will be at GreenThumb’s Annual Conference, GrowTogether, at CUNY Grad Center on Saturday, April 4. Our workshop is an introduction to Carbon Sponge and the science of carbon sequestration in soils, particularly focusing on urban environments and what gardeners can do.

Tickets are available here.

Plant Characteristics & Designing a Carbon Sponge

March 22, 2020

11:00 AM – 1:30 PM


hosted by GreenThumb at Smiling Hogshead Ranch
25-30 Skillman Ave., Long Island City, Queens 

This workshop is an introduction to carbon sequestration from the perspective of botany. Workshop leaders will discuss the Carbon Sponge plant list and choices we made during our design phase. Participants, using the specifics of their own site, will design their own Carbon Sponge.

• Overview of Carbon Sequestration & Regenerative Agriculture
• Understanding Plant Characteristics in Relation to Carbon Sponge Ecosystem


Urban Carbon Farming & The Science of Soil

March 09, 2020

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM


hosted by GreenThumb at Boyce Technologies Inc. (next to Smiling Hogshead Ranch)
47-22 Pearson Pl, Long Island City, NY 11101

In this workshop, participants learn the basics of carbon sequestration in soil science and its relation to Regenerative Agriculture or the practice of carbon farming. We will discuss how urban gardeners are already nurturing carbon in soils and methods for improving carbon capture.

• Basics of carbon sequestration in soil
• What is Regenerative Agriculture?
• How can we Carbon Farm in the city and why?

 Free with GreenThumb RSVP THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT 


Holiday Food Science

November 23, 2020

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM


hosted by the New York Hall of Science

Explore the world of cover crops with members of Carbon Sponge. Cover crops help to nourish and rebuild our soils, but they are also used in dishes from around the world. You will learn about the power of these plants from an ecological perspective as you savor their flavor!

FREE with admission




November 3, 2019 – January 25, 2020


31 Mamaroneck Ave., White Plains, NY

Carbon Sponge is included in this art exhibition.

Data is the most abundant byproduct of contemporary life, with humankind generating more than 50 million laptops-worth of data daily. From an ATM transaction to signing an online petition, an Instagram post to a Google search, our daily interactions and behavioral choices are transformed into data points that are collected and stored by devices we carry. The same is even true of the day-to-day operations of companies and national governments. This data-driven culture is driving change on many levels in society. In the age of the algorithm, how will autonomous decision-making shape our future? Data scientists bring new questions and interpretive tools to this tidal wave of information. Many work with data through the use of new visualization tools that analyze and convey data in meaningful ways. From bankers to farmers and beyond, big data informs decisions, with consequences that we may only understand down the road.

DATAISM brings together artists in the tristate region who use both existing data sets and data collected by the artist. They explore various spheres of contemporary life and experience, from interpersonal relationships to climate change, consumerism, social media, financial markets, privacy and surveillance.

Participating artists: Jennifer Dalton, Scott Fitzgerald, Richard Garrison, Mariam Ghani and Chitra Ganesh, Laurie Frick, Deborah Krikun, Derek Lerner, Shawn Lawson, Giorgia Lupi and Kaki King, Victoria Manganiello, Sebastián Morales Prado, Mimi Onuoha and Brooke Singer.

Opening Reception: Sunday, November 3, 2019 from 3–5pm


Ecologies of Transition: Urban Carbon Farming

September 26, 2019

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


hosted by Pioneer Works
159 Pioneer St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

How can we cultivate soil to be a sink for carbon and, in turn, a source to fight the climate crisis? Initiated by artist Brooke Singer, Carbon Sponge is a multisite series of gardens built to measure carbon sequestration, a process where carbon accumulates in soil instead of being released into the atmosphere. Join us for this hands-on roundtable to discuss and discover practical steps we can take to help sequester carbon.

About the Ecologies of Transition Roundtable series:
How can we change our thinking and actions to acknowledge and work with ecological life cycles? The Ecologies of Transition Roundtable is a space for discussing how ecological long-term thinking can be applied to design and daily life. The series at Pioneer Works will be grounded in sharing and reflecting on methods for noticing how humans and natural matter shape urban ecology. The sessions this fall will feature activists, designers, and artists engaged in regenerative ecological practices: capturing carbon in soil, turning organic waste into compost, and maintaining waterways to accommodate rising tides.

Please note, RSVP required.


Harvest & Eat

July 12, 2019

3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

hosted by the New York Hall of Science

Join NYSCI Designer-in-Residence Brooke Singer for an afternoon (or two!) of digging into the concepts of Carbon Sponge. Learn what Carbon Sponge is, how it works, and some of the delicious benefits to planting one of your own.

FREE with admission


Build & Plant

June 28, 2019

3:30 PM – 4:30 PM


hosted by the New York Hall of Science

Join NYSCI Designer-in-Residence Brooke Singer for an afternoon (or two!) of digging into the concepts of Carbon Sponge. Learn what Carbon Sponge is, how it works, what it could mean for climate change, and how you could create your own.

FREE with admission


Season Wrap Up

October 20, 2018

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM


hosted by the New York Hall of Science

For our last 2018 event in Carbon Sponge, learn what is the right cover crop mix for your beds to feed the soil and promote carbon sequestration overwinter. Not every garden has the exact same needs and recipes will vary; often it comes down to factors such soil type, previous crops, nutrient levels, pH and climate. Each participant will leave with a sample cover mixture for overwinter that is customized to what they are growing and their specific soil needs. This is a two-hour workshop geared for adults, but all ages are welcome to drop-in at any time during the workshop. Free with NYSCI admission.

Katharhy (Victor Flores) is an agroecologist and soil researcher at the Environmental Science Analytical Center, Brooklyn College City University of New York, and Agroecology Educator with Cornell Small Farms Program, Baskets to Pallets Education Cohort, NY, NY.

FREE with admission


Cooking with Cover

October 13, 2018

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


hosted by the New York Hall of Science

Cover crop is used to feed the soil especially after a cash crop has been harvested and nutrients depleted. In Carbon Sponge we are growing a range of cover crops including black-eyed peas, pigeon peas and mung beans. These plants are not only great for enriching the soil, but are also used in delicious recipes from around the world! Join us for a night of “Cooking with Cover” where we will discuss the value of cover crops and how we are using them in Carbon Sponge all the while enjoying samples of cover crop foods together. This will take place during the Queens Night Market that takes place at NYSCI.

FREE with admission


Take Cover! Nitrogen Seed Bombs

October 13, 2018

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


hosted by the New York Hall of Science

Nitrogen is one of the key components of chlorophyll, the compound that helps plants turn sunlight into sugars using water and carbon dioxide (this is called photosynthesis). Plants exude excess sugars and other nutrients via their roots that build healthy soil microbial communities and this is a key component of carbon sequestration. Together we will learn how farmers and gardeners have been making seed bombs for centuries, and we’ll try out a few recipes together.

FREE with admission


Ecological Consciousness

July 1, 2018

2:00 PM – 4:40 PM


Wave Hill
4900 Independence Avenue, Bronx, NY 10471

Opening at Wave Hill on July 1st is the exhibition “Ecological Consciousness: Artist as Instigator” that features projects by: Blanka Amezkua, Lillian Ball, Brandon Ballengée, Juanli Carrión and Jacki Fisher, Lynn Cazabon, City as Living Laboratory with SLO Architecture and Bob Braine, Environmental Performance Agency (EPA), Alicia Grullon, Greg Lindquist with Willis Elkins/Newtown Creek Alliance, Mary Mattingly, Eve Mosher and Clarinda Mac Low, Jan Mun, NYC Urban Field Station Stew-Map, Jean Shin, Brooke Singer and Tattfoo Tan.

FREE with admission


Reclaimed Lands

June 28 – July 1, 2018



hosted by Freshkills Park at New York University 

This four-day conference brings together researchers, practitioners, planners, ecologists, artists, designers, community groups, and students to bridge the gaps between disciplines and productively explore the issues and initiatives surrounding reclaimed lands, such as monitoring changes in biodiversity, designing ecologically sustainable re-development, engaging residents in stewardship, transforming public perceptions, and inspiring future projects.

Beyond the Walls: Developing Agency at Open Engagement

May 13, 2018

3:00 PM  – 4:30 PM



hosted by Open Engagement

Tired of environmentally-focused exhibits and one-time collaborations? We need sustained action, multi-pronged involvement, broad distribution, and wider/flexible collaborations. Enter: the community-based platforms of artists, Jan Mun and Brooke Singer. Join Liz Slagus, for a conversation with current NYSCI Designers-in-Residence, Brooke and Jan, and their long-term partners. Explore models that foster agency and promote working with, not against one another toward environmental/social justice.


April 28 – 29, 2018

10:00 AM  – 5:00 PM



hosted by Understory

Carbon Sponge will be included in Understory, a plant lab, urban ecology event and workshop series to be held in Brooklyn, New York, on April 28 & 29. We will have a display in the “artists & artisans” section and will present as well. Check out their schedule for more details! Location: 99 Scott Street, Brooklyn, NY